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My journey in exploring the natural functional health properties of food began long before I knew it. At a tender age my Persian origins led me to believe that food is more than empty energy but rather a mysterious and complex source of nourishment for the body, mind and soul whose true value is yet to be unravelled by empirical science. As life flew past the years my belief came to be tested when at the age of eighteen I came face to face with illness that wreaked havoc. Like Earth and Heaven collapsed at the ancient times of Nuwa, so did my body fell slowly off into imbalance and was on a path from which I felt I would never recover. It was only through my faith in ancient medicines and science that I embarked on a journey of self discovery. By bridging the gap between the east and west, traditional non-conventional medicine and science, I slowly began to uncover the true nature of food...medicine as food and food as medicine. Since then I have never looked back as I learnt to build the pillars that held earth and heaven in balance, engaged my senses, listened to the natural cues of my body and its link to the ever changing cycle of light and darkness, learnt the true value of food. Then my passion married into...

About us

Art, mysticism, ceremony. In our ever changing urban environment, we are increasingly being separated from the self and the now. By engaging all your senses in the now, contemplating the moment and living every breath we are raising our awareness of what surrounds us allowing us to savour the unique moment of the now. Like a child learning to see beyond its needs, we slowly become aware of the needs of others and how are actions affect the universe around us. We find our connection to the whole. Through my engagement with the art of meditation, I became aware of the Ceremony of Tea. Nowhere did I find the acknowledgement and appreciation of the moment so explicit as in the Way of Tea, seen across different parts of the globe, approached with differing rituals yet with the common goal of living in the now. From the moment you set yourself to prepare your cup you begin by appreciating how nature created such divinity to nourish our mind, body and soul. How the rain nourished the leaves and the leaves now nourish you. You take the moment to sense the aroma that embeds your soul and glows through your body. The sound of the tea as it is being poured to your cup. You take the moment to admire the different shades of the tea reflected in your cup and you feel your mind engaging in analysing the complexity of the flavours that this tea bestows upon you. In doing so you slowly experience a sense of peace and clarity reaching a complete awareness and appreciation of the moment and the now...engage your senses

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